Enjoy the best boat cruises in Melbourne with the lady cutter Melbourne showboat

When was the last time you gave yourself a treat? Well, this time around you only have yourself to blame if you don’t have a good time. You have been working yourself a lot and it is now time to have some good time at least. A boat cruise will be the best treat you give yourself and get to enjoy.

Whether you are going to enjoy the day with colleagues or the company as a whole, the lady cutter Melbourne Showboat has just what you need. Everything you need to know about our cruising is available to you on demand. We have high-end services and we can handle small groups of 150 to bigger groups of 300 people. The lady cutter is here to make sure you have a good time and you enjoy one of the best boat cruises in Melbourne.

Events are best when you know the kind of services you will get and that the venue is the best. Whatever kind of event or function you have, the lady cutter is waiting to serve you. Commemorate your occasion with the best boat cruises in Melbourne.

Private parties are some of the most anticipated for parties ever. Friends, colleagues and family might need to hook up and meet once in a while, but you are wondering where to get a venue that will give you the best service. The Melbourne showboat is here and you don’t have to worry anymore. A mobile or moving venue might be just what you and your team need to enjoy to the fullest. Aboard the Lady Cutter, you can get it decorated with your preferred theme or colours if you have them. Entertainment is of the highest class and you can pick what kind of music you want.

There’s no other place where you can enjoy boat cruises in Melbourne other than aboard the lady cutter Melbourne showboat. Entertainment is not limited and when it comes to food, there are all sorts of amazing food to choose from. All you got to do is get ready to enjoy your event aboard one of the best boat cruises in Melbourne. Whatever kind of event you have, a unique venue will make it look better, colourful and fun. The Melbourne showboat is a thrilling and adventurous cruise that you just have to try out.


Uni Parties Are Simply the Best With The Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat

It has been a rough year doing studies all the time and having no time to celebrate anything. After all there was nothing to celebrate with so much hype, but now the end of the year has come, and this is definitely something you can celebrate with so much hype. It is time to enjoy a full night of having fun and clubbing all the way. The Lady Cutler is here for you to make sure you have the best uni party this time round. Once you experience the way Uni parties are conducted on board the Lady Cutler, you will be coming every year to have some fun and enjoy with your friends.

Planning your next Uni party with the Lady Cutler Melbourne showboat will not be as problematic as doing it with other venues. We have everything sorted out even before you come on board the day of the party. We have an exciting and unique party for 50 up to 350 people. If you have some sort of fraternity and you are wondering if you will fit on a boat, then you can be reassured now.

While partying, enjoy the great and incredible views of Melbourne’s waterways and bays with your close friends and get ready for a great and amazing night of dancing, clubbing and dining. We have a professional party DJ whose services you can hire, or you can come with your own DJ at no extra cost.

The boat is a purpose Harbor Cruise Ship which can be tailored to suit your event. It can be arranged to give space to as many people and suit the size of your event. The vessel can take up to 350 people across the upper and the lower decks with dance floor and a bar on both levels.

At the Lady Cutler, we look forward to tailoring the cruise to help you plan the most epic Uni party you have ever planned. We will help you all the way to tailoring the cruise to fit your budget. It can be as simple as a 4-hour cruise with drinks from our floating fully stocked bar to an all-inclusive food, drink and entertainment package to celebrate your uni party. This will be a party like no other on board with all sorts of foods and beverages and unlimited fun and entertainment all through. It is a party that is going to make you want to get to next year’s aparty faster.


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